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As a Maryland business owner, you are always going to be interested in the possibility of reducing your costs. When it comes to the topic of workers’ compensation cases, reducing your costs can have a powerful impact on your bottom line. There is a staggering amount of money spent on workmans’ compensation each year, and while some of this cost is inevitable, there are steps you can take to reduce your expenditure. The tips below should help you work toward a lower total workers’ comp expense in the months and years ahead.

Reduce Hazards

One of the best ways to reduce costs associated with workmans’ comp is simply to avoid employee injuries. By taking away hazards which could lead to on-the-job injury, you can both improve the working environment for your team and reduce your overall costs. The steps taken to reduce hazards will obviously need to depend on the specifics of your company, but most businesses stand to gain in the long run by investing in ways to cut down on risks.

Carefully Assess Candidates

It is always important to carefully review all job candidates before making a hiring decision. By only putting people in roles that you are confident they can handle, you will reduce the risk of on-the-job incidents. Many injuries in the workplace happen when an individual is trying to complete a task which he or she is not capable of handling comfortably. Take away this situation and you should see your number of claims reduced.

Utilize Drug Testing

The connection between drug use and accidents in the workplace should be obvious. You need to make sure that everyone coming to work for you each day is sober and ready to work in a professional manner. If you institute a drug testing policy, you will have a better chance of keeping drug users out of your ranks. In addition to creating a safer workplace, keeping your company clear of drug users will reduce the risk of things like theft and other improprieties.

Be Serious About Safety

Taking a casual attitude toward safety is a recipe for disaster when it comes to workers’ compensation costs. It is a good idea to create a safety manual for all of your team members which outlines the procedures that are to be followed while on the job. This manual should be enforced on a consistent basis to highlight the emphasis that the company places on employee safety.

Encourage Wellness

If you workers are unhealthy away from the job, they are more likely to be injured while at work. To reduce your costs and to encourage healthy living for all of your employees, consider adding a wellness program to your operations. Such a program may provide employees with things like gym memberships, access to nutritional advice, intermittent stretching breaks, or other techniques. Whatever the case, encouraging your employees to focus on their own health will have a positive impact on your company in a variety of ways.

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