Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

A person may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for injuries or illnesses that occurred on the job during the course and scope of employment. Such injuries may be caused by an accident or event that results in physical injury, a medical condition that develops over time caused by repetitious use of a body part, or a condition associated with the workplace environment itself. Since each case is unique, it is important to discuss your potential injury case with a knowledgeable attorney. If claimants have been hurt on the job and are seeking representation in Western and Central Maryland, they are encouraged to contact Arthur Crum, a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer.

A claim for workers’ compensation in Maryland is governed by State law and the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. Disputed issues are generally resolved by a Commissioner at a hearing. Benefits that may be available and awarded may include medical treatment and payment of medical bills, payment for time lost from work and payment for any permanent disability or disfigurement, including payment to assist the injured worker’s return to the workplace. There is no payment for any attorney fee or expenses unless awarded and approved by the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Hearings in Western Maryland (including Oakland, Frostburg) are conducted at the commission site in La Vale, MD, outside of Cumberland. Hearings in Central Maryland (including Hagerstown, Walkersville) are conducted at the commission site in Frederick, MD. For more information on workers’ comp, visit the State of Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission website at

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