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Employee safety is paramount no matter the time of year. Yet summertime presents its own unique challenges, like scorching temperatures, busy construction schedules, and occasional torrential summer storms. The best way to prevent mishaps is to mitigate the risk before they happen. That’s why this is a great time to evaluate safety measures and hazards in the workplace. Here are the 5 most common work injuries that can happen during the year’s warmest months.


Employees working outdoors on the hottest days must consume large amounts of water to stay hydrated. Failure to do so can lead to exhaustion, nausea, and lightheadedness: all symptoms of being dehydrated. Access to fresh water and frequent breaks to cool off are critical to staying healthy.


Hyperthermia is the medical term for heatstroke. Not only can it be fatal, but it is also one of the most common workers’ compensation claims during summer. Hot environments, lack of sufficient water breaks, and limited shade from the sun can cause increased heart rates, fevers, and the inability to sweat. Water breaks and time away from direct sunlight are critical to prevent overheating.

Traffic-Induced Injuries

Road trips, day trips, and those long-planned getaways mean more people travel. Summer also means an uptick in outdoor construction and road projects. Commercial and residential construction happens at a more rampant pace, and more workers and autos share the road. Tight deadlines for clients and heavy traffic mean an increase in potential accidents. Ensure proper signage is bright, visible, and predominantly posted in these areas––always. Also, traffic control teams are critical. Their direction and communication keep traffic flowing, controlled, and help prevent injuries for motorists and those putting in a hard day’s work.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls can happen anywhere and anytime yet seem to increase during warm-weather jobs. Humid, muggy climates mean more water accumulation in the air. Rainy weather can make uneven ground and outdoor surfaces slippery. Wearing non-slip footwear can help prevent dangerous slips and falls.


Wearing sunblock matters. It can be easy to forget when you go for a quick walk with the dog or just want to do a little bit of weeding in the garden. When you work outdoors, it’s easy to take using sunscreen for granted, especially when you think a nice base tan is all you need to keep your skin safe. Not using SPF when you’re outside for long durations can lead to sunburns and an increased risk of skin cancer.


Our firm wants you to stay safe year-round. If any of these issues happen to you on the job this summer, it’s crucial to take action. Filling out workers’ compensation claims is not an easy process. If you’re injured on the job, always begin by filling out an incident report and advising your supervisor immediately. Never wait to see if it “just gets better on its own.” These are time-sensitive claims. After you’ve filed and sought appropriate medical treatment, the next call should be to the Law Office of Arthur Crum, PA, for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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