Auto Accident Attorney

If you are in Western and Central Maryland and have suffered personal injury in a car, truck or motorcycle accident as a result of another motorist ­ who has been negligent, or in violation of State laws ­ then you may be entitled to compensation. Finding an experienced car accident lawyer will help maximize your chances of recovering this compensation.

Examples of auto accidents caused by another another driver, under insured or uninsured motorist may include a crash caused by speeding, failure to follow the rules of the road, loss of vehicle control, or imprudent driving under a variety of existing conditions. Lack of proper maintenance of a car or truck may also result in an automobile wreck.

Since each case is unique on its own facts, it is important to discuss a personal injury claim or property damage claim with a knowledgeable attorney. As an auto injury lawyer practicing primarily within Western and Central Maryland, and serving cities such as Frederick, Hagerstown, Cumberland and Oakland, the law offices of Arthur C. Crum, Jr. concentrates in vehicle accident and personal injury cases, as well as wrongful death.

Under the law, you may be entitled to benefits which include compensation for past and future loss of wages as well as past and future medical bills. You may also be entitled to compensation for non­economic damages which, for example, includes physical impairment, pain and suffering, and disfigurement.

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