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Unfortunately, auto accidents are quite common. From minor fender benders to major accidents on the interstate, cars are running into each other on a regular basis on roads across the country. It’s important to understand the various types of accidents, as this information could help you determine whether or not you have a valid claim to pursue in your case. Let’s take a moment in this article to work through the various kinds of car accidents and the injuries that can result.

A Rear-End Crash

One of the most-common types of automobile accidents, a rear-end crash happens when one vehicle doesn’t stop quickly enough to avoid hitting the vehicle in front. These can happen on city streets or out on the highway – really anywhere more than one car is traveling in the same direction. It’s common for whiplash injuries to take place as a result of a rear-end crash, since the driver in the car in front probably won’t see the impact coming. Many rear-end crashes are minor in nature, but that doesn’t mean you can rule out a claim if the other party was at fault. Even relatively minor whiplash can cause long-lasting negative side effects in some cases.

Head-On Collision

An extremely dangerous – and potentially deadly – type of crash is the head-on collision. As the name would indicate, this type of crash occurs when two vehicles headed in opposite directions strike each other. Since the vehicles were traveling in opposite directions before they collided, the force of the crash can be significant and serious injuries are common. Head injuries can result, as well as spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and much more.

Rollover Accident

It should go without saying that a rollover accident is one which comes with a very real risk for death or serious injury. When a vehicle goes upside down, and potentially rolls a few times, the weight of the vehicle becomes a major threat, as well as anything the car or its passengers might hit along the way. A rollover can result from a crash with another car, or it can be a single-vehicle accident when the driver loses control. The list of potential injuries in a rollover is endless, and those who manage to walk away from such a crash should consider themselves quite fortunate.

A Side-Impact Crash

There are many variables at play when determining the severity of a side-impact crash in terms of injuries. It’s possible for everyone to walk away from this kind of crash when the circumstances are just right, and it’s also possible for it to be very serious. This type of crash frequently takes place in intersections when one vehicle fails to obey the right-of-way. If you are sitting in the vehicle that is hit, on the side that it is hit, you will be at much greater risk for injury than if you were on the other side. Broken bones are a starting point for injuries here, but whiplash, head and brain injuries, neck injuries, and more are all possibilities.

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