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There is never a good time to be in a car accident. Obviously, the goal is to stay safe and sound out on the roads, all year long. However, the holidays can be a particularly tough time for car accidents, for a couple reasons. First, there are more vehicles on the road as people go to and from various parties and events. Also, the weather can be poor during the holiday season in much of the country, making travel more treacherous. Sadly, many car accidents occur throughout the holidays each year, so you would be wise to take steps to keep yourself and your family as safe as possible.

We can’t offer any tips which will guarantee a safe trip on the roads, but the following ideas should help make your journey a safer one.

Stay Sober

This is the obvious place to start. If you are going to be driving, do not drink. It’s just that simple. While alcohol is commonly served at many holiday parties, you need to have a plan for how you are going to get home safely. If you plan to drink, either have a designated driver arranged, or plan to use a cab or ride share service to get home without needing to get behind the wheel. Make the decision to never drink and drive and your safety on the road will automatically improve.

Slow It Down

We get it – the holidays are a hectic time of year, and you are stressed out by trying to keep up with everything on your plate. Regardless, those stresses are no excuse to drive too fast. Excessive speed is a common cause of car accidents, so slow it down and stay close to the recommended speed for the road on which you are traveling.

Put Down Your Phone

Another fairly obvious point, but it needs to be mentioned here. If you are driving, you should have your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Using your phone while driving, even if you plan to just send a quick text, is extremely dangerous. Most likely, the message you are going to send can wait a few minutes until you reach your destination. If the message truly can’t wait, pull off the road into a safe place before using your phone.

Watch the Weather

Don’t be so tied to your holiday plans that you refuse to adjust them based on the weather report. For example, if a heavy snow storm is moving in and threatens to make the roads impassable, you may want to think twice about heading out for a late-night party. Also, winter nights can lead to cold mornings, and cold mornings often mean ice on the roads (even if there is no snow in sight). Pay attention to the weather, play it safe with your driving plans, and enjoy your holiday season to the fullest.

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