Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you are in Frederick, MD or Hagerstown, MD – or other areas nearby in Western Maryland – and you have been injured while under the care of a nursing home, hospital, doctor or other health care provider, you may need the services of a qualified medical malpractice attorney.An injury may occur if:

  • You had a “routine” medical procedure performed, only to later experience complications and unforeseen side effects.
  • You experienced an actual injury due to a medical professional’s action.
  • Your health care professional failed to diagnose a serious condition or disease.
  • You suspect that you are medical malpractice victim.

Arthur C. Crum, Jr. is an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Western Maryland who can assist you in getting the compensation to which you may be entitled. When it comes to a serious matter such as malpractice, an experienced personal injury attorney may be able to assist you. Contact the office of Arthur C. Crum, Jr. today, to talk about your case.

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